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Feb 5, 2003
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Can anyone help me on a question with natural nails. My own nails are all a fair length and I keep them tidy :p . However once the nail gets to the free edge some of them start to twist slightly :? i.e. when you look down on them (as though down the barrel of a gun :!: ) the odd one is not curved as it should be and so some (only a couple) look a bit odd. How can I stop them from twisting so that they will sit square, or round as the case may be. I use a hand and nail cream daily (more than once a day - each time I wash my hands) and I occasionally use cuticle oil. When my hands are wet these nails begin to sit correctly but when they dry they kink again. What can I do? :(

DelightfulDigits said:
When my hands are wet these nails begin to sit correctly but when they dry they kink again. What can I do? :(

Thats cos your nails get softer when they are wet - especially in hotter water, and they spread out more; that is what my nails do.

My left ring finger tip curls round a lot when it is long, but when it is cut shorter, as it is now (about....6-7 mm long), it resumes to a ''normal'' shape. Maybe it is the length or your nails that is problem? Or it could be how your nail just naturally grows :?

I dont think handcream or oil would help or cause this....

but what does anyone else think ?

What you are refering to is something called Curling.

Why does this happen?

Mostly plate dehydration. When the natural nail plate is still attatched to the bed, oil and moisture continually move through the plate, keeping it sealed with goodness. When the plate leaves the bed and becomes the free edge, the plate dires out as it no longer receives moisture and oil.
When that happens, the plate compresses and (depending somewhat on the structure of the plate) it curls up.

Think of it like this:

The nail plate is similar to a sponge. All porous and stuff.
You take a sponge and drop it in the sink, it absorbs dirty dish water and swells.
You take it out of the sink and set it on the counter, it slowly dries out and shrinks (it also leaves a really funky smell behind).

In the water -> it sucks
out o the water -> it spits

This sucking and spitting thing also can play havoc on the natural nail plate.
When you soak your plates in water, they suck... take em out... they spit.

What to do? Ditch the creams they will do little to squat to help out.
Use plenty of light grade cuticles oils (hint: Solar Oil) to keep the plate sealed to help prevent sucking and spitting.
What else? Wear enhancements... they can help to hold the plate straight.

Here is something funky:

Ever seen a parrots beak nail? Its a stupid technical term for a severly hooked nail (I mean really... is it derived from parrotusbeakaramus... latin for 'hook'?!?).
Soak it in water for twenty minutes and guess what happens? It goes straight. Guess what happens when it dries? Yup... hooks down again.

You explain things soooo well :thumbsup:
Any chance you could add a little about this subject concerning the natural nail curling away from enhancements? I'm trying to get my clients to realise they need to use their oil everyday.

I know you used to have a novel called 'Curling up and Dieing'. But I can't find it on this new site..

If you still have it I would love to tailor it for a handout for my clients, or include it in my next newsletter.

Thanks in advance!!
MichelleAU said:
I know you used to have a novel called 'Curling up and Dieing'. But I can't find it on this new site..

For what its worth, the old site is here->

though its very outdated...

As far as adding about tip curling...

Mostly this is because the adhesive in the tip application, or the bond between the product and plate (usually a primer based bond) deteriorates.
Often with adhesive as adhesive does break down in water over time.

If you have a client with excessive curling... sculpt them... your chances are much better for longer fit.

Ill look into putting all this in a novel and posting it when I get back from NY next week.

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