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May 1, 2003
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Hampstead, London
I've got a friend at work who has decided she wants a regular manicure to just tidy up and strengthen her nails which are at the moment quite week and flaky. What would you recommend to be the best treatment? I've already sold her some solar oil to start using straight away ...

Michelle x
I know that you can get strengtheners but i've not used them myself. Try doing a search for them and see what is recommended. I seem to remember seeing something that Sam had written about them recently. I seem to remember good things have been said about Toughen Up - it's made by Creative and costs £3.50.
solar oil manicures are very good for rough dry skin and show a marked improvement hth
Hi Michelle

for clients with thin flaky nails a weekly manicure with the usual homecare advise of using solar oil as often as poss hand cream and rubber gloves when using household detergents - those things are nasty to the best of nails. Every fortnight/month a paraffin wax included into the treatment which will nourish the nails and surrounding skin.

keep the free edge short for a while even when they are growing to begin with - like a rose dead head it and then it re blooms even better.

Nail Envy by OPI is the strengthener l use and there are different types for different problems directions for use are on the box. l have had fantastic results for my clients and myself.
Thanks for all your advice - I've actually been asked to do the manicure tomorrow and all I have at home right now is something called Nail Life - Treatment Revitalizer for Nails - it says it's for problem nails which are weak, split, cracked, thin, soft or peeling and instructions are to use two coats and then reapply daily - removing weekly - does this sound OK do you think? I was thinking I could sell this to my client so as she gets in good practice using that and the solar oil. I haven't had the chance to buy anything else in time although I have heard that Toughen Up is good! Also I don't do paraffin wax manicures or solar manicures yet but will a basic one weekly do for now do you think?
From my experience with strengtheners different ones work for different nail issues. I have had clients swear by Nail Envy (OPI), and actually seen great results. Also, Rejuvacote is excellent at growing longer, healthy nails. I personally have used Nail Tek (not to be confused with Nailtiques), and it made my nails strong after I had taken some enhancements off. Keeping the nails short for a while is a great idea, as is moisturizing. Good Luck!
Yep a basic manicure will do wonders and make her feel pampered as well as doing good for her nails. And you did one of the best things - solar oil.
Thanks everyone for the advice - will be starting on her today and be sure to keep you posted! Don't know what I'd do without this site it and everyone on it is a godsend!

Nailtiques, is what you guys want to get your clients on to. It actually penetrates through the layers of the nail, putting right what is wrong. Superb product, have been open for a month and I can't keep the stuff on the shelves. The bonus thing with this product is that it actually does work. 4 - 6 weeks and nails are in a beautiful condition and can finnaly keep some of that hard earned free edge. Contact Grafton International for further details.
I was told at college that they were very bad to use on the nails as you got short term gain but in the long term they made the nails brittle so you replaced one problem with another.

It would seem to me from advice I've read on this site and my college notes that the best thing to do would be warm oil manicures and paraffin waxes to put moisture back in.

There's a really interesting article or thread (sorry can't remember which) on this site which explains that the strengtheners fill in the gaps so the moisture isn't getting through so nails become hard instead of flexible.

Perhaps the answer is occasional use.

Somewhere else I read on site said to keep polish on nails as this gives an added layer of protection.
In response to Handy Andy - you have probably seen something about Formaldehyde in nail strengthening products - basically they are supposed to be OK short term but not long term so check the ingredients list.

I have very strong natural nails (I can't bite my thumb nails - they are too tough!!) - I wish I knew how - I could make a fortune LOL!!! I don't drink milk often, I haven't had regular manicures, used hand cream, cuticle oil etc. etc. My mum's nails nails are weak and basically crap so I didn't inherit mine from her!

BUT - I do and for many years have: had a pretty healthy diet, not too much fat etc. NEVER saw when filing and also file squoval shaped nails - keeping the sides straight to help give strength to the nails as they grow.

B x
Check out the Tech Notes in the articles section and there is one about Strengtheners - makes very interesting reading.

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