Natural Overlay Gel or L&P ?


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Jun 4, 2010
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Hi everyone, I'm very excited and also nervous as a friend of mine is getting married and has asked me to do her nails.
She has lovely long natural nails and at first wanted me to cut them down so she could have extensions pink and white.
I explained it would be a shame to cut the length and sujested she have a natural overlay then I could create a nice white tip.
She is worried that her nails might break before the wedding and is not sure if she wants to have gel or l&p.
I don't mind doing either but does anyone have any sujestions what would be best. She is my first paying client and my real big test.
I feel confident in what i'm doing but still nervous as her hands will be on show so my future reputation is gonna be at stake.
Please any advise would be much apreciated.:eek:
I've also made her appointment 3 days before the wedding so if their are any probs (hopefully not) I'll be able to sort them out.
what about just a clear gel overlay to give them strength and prevent breakage, this way she will still enjoy having the finnished look just before her weddding,also this way she can trial having gel on her nails as well to see if she likes it? and if she does you can give her an ovelay in her chosen finnish for her big day? hth x
Thanks for the reply. Clear gel sounds good only thing is her nails are not very bright they look a bit yellow in colour. Maybe this is why she perhaps wanted tips as they do give a very clean look. Anyway I'm sure we'll come up with something nice. Once again thanks for your advice. X :)

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