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Jul 13, 2006
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Just wondering who uses the Natures way facial range.....I recently qualified and have bought this kit as it is what we trained with, and I found it was lovely to use on my own skin (which is usually very sensitive) Just wondered if any other geeks used it and what they thought.....I know its not Dermalogica, or any of the other top popular ones but I am just starting out and am not made of money!!!!:):)
Natures way is a good mid-range brand of products,which in fact i used within my salon when i first opened. I found it was fine, had no problems using it on both my own and clients skins. You're right to say when you first start out, you may not have the cash to use a more popular/expensive range, so see how you get on with it, and when you are mega busy, rolling in money, you can look at using a more expensive product if you so wish.
hi tonilee! i used it when i was on work experience and my first impressions were that its a really nice product! but as i'm only a student i don't have a vast knowledge of all facial brands! we used priadara at college and phhewwwweee its smelly! are you happy with it so far? have you used it with any clients yet? x
i used this range whilst training

i love it

great products for a reasonable price

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