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Aug 15, 2010
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Hi, I've just recently purchashed a home learning course for a nail technician from uk open learning. Below are the units covered in the course.
1. Your professional image
2. Bacteria and other infectious agents
3. Safety in the Salon
4. Understanding Chemicals
5. Anatomy and Physiology
6. Nail Anatomy
7. Skin and its disorders
8. Client Consultation
9. Manicuring
10. Basic Pedicure
11. Advanced Nail Techniques
12. Acrylic Overlay Tips
13. U.V Gel System
14. Nail Wraps
15. Areas of Nail Technician Work
16. Safety at Work
17. Aromatherapy recipes for Manicures and Pedicures

I will also have to do a practical assessment as well as five other assignments in order to be able to get a qualification and an accreditation. Below is what i have to do for my practical work.

· Plain Manicure
· French Manicure
· Full Varnish Manicure
· Manicure with Nail Art
· Pedicure with Clear Varnish
· Pedicure with Varnish colour of your choice.
· Set of Acrylics with white tips

Now i'm under no illusions that it's going to take a lot more than once to be able to perfect all of these practical assessments and i'm taking over a year to practice these on friends and family in order to make sure i can do these to a professional standard before i start doing it on a self employment basis working from home. What i wanted to know really is the accreditation is a level 2 NCFE. I am aware this is not an nvq but my worry is that i'm taking two years out to do this course as well as the practical side of it and then find that i've wasted my time as i can't get insured under this qualification. Does anyone else have this qualification and have been able to get insured. Sorry for droning on but i thought i would give a little back ground to my situation too

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