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Lisa S

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Jul 10, 2010
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Hi guys,

Can I put just 1 to 2 coats of OPI Axxium base gel on a clients natural nail to help strengthen and protect them, they are very weak at the moment after having L & P for 6 years.

Also when using gel with Dashing Diva, do I always put the DD on the natural nail for better adhesion, then apply a couple of coats of gel, same with shellac, would I put the DD on, then do as you usually do with shellac? Sorry for all questions, I am just starting with all these and my head is spinning with questions. Any help would be much appreciated. Lisa x:eek:
I don't do Dashing Diva, but on the OPI Axxium--you are speaking of the Soak Off, right--I would not do 2 base coats, but rather 2 top coats. there is more strength in the top coat.
With the Dashing Diva, I would do it on the natural nail and then continue with the Shellac - base, colour if using and then top.
Thanks for your advice x

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