Need advice on my own nails, got 1 week


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Jun 15, 2010
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I wonder if I could get some advice and confirmation on my own nails.

I'm newly qualified in UV Gel & Acrylics (as in 4 days qualified). I've currently got no enhancements on my nails, but the kids go back to school in a week and I'll be there newly qualified in the playground with all these potential clients, with my own nails looking like a nightmare.

On the course, she used white tips and a clear acrylic overlay, I'd been doing z1 in white myself, but thought, hey, that looks easier, so wanted to try those, maybe white tips with gel overlay.

Anyway, back to my own nails....... I used to be a nail biter, (honest, used to be, not anymore). None of my nail beds are what I'd call a uniform colour and are very flat. On one hand, I have 2 ski slope nails and one where the lateral side wall doesn't come all the way down, and getting a tip on that one, sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

The other hand, I have a split growing out thats just reached the free edge, hence a split in the free edge that can't be filed out.

A lot of my free edges are uneven. My nails are very bendy and brittle, if I was to even scratch myself, they'd bend and usually split horizontally.

The options as I see them are:

1. Try and sculpt with no free edge, initial layer onto finger, pull back after curing and have a tiny free edge for the form (tried before, and sucked at it)

2. Blend in natural tips and use polish until they've grown enough for tips or sculpting.

3. Try with the white tips of a VERY reduced contact area and pray a lot.

4. Don't do anything for 6 days, put on a NNO overlay (gel or acrylic) in the meantime to try and strengthen them and pray I could do one of the above before the kids go back to school.

For the last 3 days I've been buffing gently and lathering in solar oil.

I know I should be able to figure this out for myself, if when I start getting clients in a few weeks, one walked in with nails like mine, I'd need to know, but not everything was covered in the course. So thought I'd ask for advice.

thanks in advance x
:hug: You will come across lots of clients like this , they normally have bad nails that's why they want enhancements lol
My advice , what ever you do go with you need to keep it short for now or you will do more damage than good,
You can always polish over them if your not happy with how you nail beds look, custom blends would also help but lets not complicate it lol

It is a shame that you don't use shellac as with its flexability it works wonders for nails that sound how you have described yours :)
thanks for the reply. I've got purely pink masque acrylic and warm pink cover gel, bought them especially, because I know what my nail beds are like ;)

aah, Shellac, yep, would love that, but its a long way off at the moment with the cost of lamps and training etc.

I'd like to try again sculpting, but will see if anyone else advises.
yvette x
I'd keep them short and natural and painted beautifully with a lovely dark colour.

Or do a Natural Nail overlay in one colour and then paint in the same way.
thanks Gigi

don't think I'd dare paint a NNO at the minute, they are soooo horrid looking lol, it would draw too much attention to them ;)

How about a tip kept very short with a gel overlay, painted dark. I love my purples.
or just a suggestion, maybe just go and get them shellaced from a nearby salon or geek, until they feel a bit stronger , its amazing how strong my natural nails have become with shellac.:idea:

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