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Oct 2, 2013
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sunny yorkshire!!
Ok, so as I've already said I'm still in training, anyway today a couple of friends saw my nails and were amazed I'd done them and said how much they loved them and both want me to do them a set of l&p sculpted with nail art in December for Xmas by then I will have tons more practice etc, my problem is,how much do I charge? They're not close friends or anything, I'm using quality products, I'm really focusing on my QUALITY of work right now, I just want to be taken seriously, and want to be able to justify my prices once qualified and DON'T want to get reputation for cheap nails, eventually I want to be charging a high price once I'm qualified.....which isn't until next year.....already my mum seems to think that I can just do her 'free' sets whenever she wants?!......I hAve plenty of ways to practice so it's not like I desperately NEED these to be practice/models for me.....but at the same time I KNOW I'm not qualified and have a long way to go, I'm not 'desperate' for these girls to use me, I've not advertised in anyway or anything, so if they decide that the price I ask is too much for them that's fine it will make no difference to me, I just want to cover my products and price myself, my effort and my time fairly-balanced against my skill and where I am a tech.....bit lost if I'm honest...and now my mum's friend has just rung me ans asked if I can do her nails in December for a Xmas work party cos she saw a pic of my nails on Facebook and her last nail tech couldn't even do glitter shellac tips, and I've achieved embedded nail art on my 3rd attempt at acrylic nails . I've made it clear to everyone who has asked that I am still in training but that I ONLY use professional products.....I'm not even sure it's a good idea I don't want people o be like 'oh she used to ONLY charge £xx and now she thinks she can charge £xx ' but in the same breath I've got to get experience and grow.....
I charged a slightly lower price when training but only was at the point when I knew they would have lovely nails and no problems but I was still training...
Make it very obvious that it is only an offer and not a permanent price and don't discount too much so the jump to full price isn't massive...
That's how I did it and it worked for me...just food for thought! Hth xx
Hi there don't know if this helps at all..

I'm trained in - and using - CND products and absolutely still in practising territory.

I'm charging £10 to cover product costs, but of anyone wants a Shellac finish, I charge extra for this :)

are you able to post a pic of your nails, I'd love to see them xx
Thank you! Well that's what I wanted to do, a small discount, but at the same time I KNOW that I can offer a better product than the local qualified Nail tech I'm terms of design and quality, and I'm really really focusing on product longevity so hopefully come December these girls will all be Getting beautifully designed, quality nails that are in some cases better that what locally people are offering and I want to value myself and my product fairly
I'll post a pic when I get back in for you in about 20 mins, I mean they are NOT perfect but they are a good start in my opinion, and my Tutors!! Can't turn my flash off for some reason though, and they're sparkly so hard to not get a really shiny picture ha ha!! X
Think I've managed to do it from my kindle...this was my second ever try at l&p sculpting, I can see exactly where my mistakes are and since then sat with my tutor while she talked me through filing, so they're a better shape now, and this was on my hand, I used totally clear to sculpt my tips, and next time would glitter slightly lower down to disguise the natural nail free edge.....there u go mrsbod


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I'm of a different school of thought. Speaking from my perspective:

I would charge cost price for products used only. I'm qualified in mani/pedi, Gelish and Lashes, so I will charge for those when I'm ready. But as I'm training in enhancements, I would only charge for products. At the end of the day, I'm unqualified, inexperienced and uninsured to offer that service, so that would immediately stop me asking for payment for my time and I could never ask payment for having partial (ongoing) training and unqualified 'skill'.

At the end of the day, anyone that asks me to do their nails whilst I'm training, is doing ME the favour, certainly not the other way around.

As I said, that's how I am inclined, no judgment here :)

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