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May 12, 2003
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I am completley skint, but have run out of retention nearly. Because of the price last time I bought a retention starter kit.

Now I think it is better to buy larger, so I am thinking of going for the £40 something option. However, Radical is cheaper. Can anybody explain why this is and which one I am best off buying please?

Thank You

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Retention+ is a highly advanced primerless sculpting monomer and is more expensive because of those attributes.

Radical is also a wonderful system but not quite so advanced - the use of primer is optional with Radical although I have never used primer with it.

Both systems work in the same way as to mix ratio PREP etc.

It shouldn't be a problem to change and you may find you prefer Radical who knows. :?: Plenty of nail technicians still use Radical as their prefered system and have no problems. The choice is yours.
That is brilliant thank you! :D

If I used primer, would it cause a problem at all?

Radical certainly would help the purse strings this month! :D
With Radical you have the choice to use primer or NOT to use primer.

Some people do and some (like me) don't.

Do what makes you feel the most comfortable. Either is fine. Some people just can't get away from that primer and that's OK with Radical.
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