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Jun 30, 2004
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stourbridge,west mids
:cry: Hi !
I need some advice on how to get clients.

i've dune business cards and taken them to places,

such as wedding dress shops,hairdresses,cafe.

but not heared anything. can SOMEONE ! !

ANYONE! ! ! please let me now what else i can do.

Thanks! ! ! :suprised:
I recommedn you put an advert in your yellow pages - mine reaches 278,000 homes which saves a darn lot of shoe leather even it I only ever see 2%...

All my leaflet drops have resulted in a one off booking for the special day i.e. weddings or engagement parties etc..

So I am hoping that the yellow pages will bring regular customers how have sourced the service...if that makes sence
hi how about go on advertise on there also it will go in the yello pages you get a free line or you pay like £10 a month for a big advert also your local phone book/ thomson directory mabe do a big leaflet drop or kelly c does school fetes hth xx
hi i am the same , i have done all of the usual stuff including paying out a fortune in advertising in local papers which hasnt got me one client!! so i have now put the advert in yp and am praying that works , wot about putting some cards in your local gym , or at the supermarket, and when u go out on the tiles put em in toilets ,you might aswell give it a go , hope this helps
What about local press? Also put a sign in your car. Maybe even your friends & family's cars too? And a poster in your window? Maybe give the leaflets out to mum's at home time at local schools?
Hi Guys, well i do leaflet drops and have a flyer in my car that Carole Lindsay advised me to do. But i do the school fetes weekly whilst their on and they are a great success (most of the time lol!) its a great way to get my flyers out but also to give the kids something as well. Ive also got an advert going in the yellow pages in August and hopefully will receive some clientele from that but to be honest i have only got about 3 regular clients at the mo so am still trying to do what you guys are as well. I have left some flyers with my hairdresser and i know she is very busy so hopefully that will help but i think the main source is word of mouth its a hard struggle and ive been trying to do it for nearly a year ill get the one off's but never regular x x

Been there got the Tshirt and still trying to find out which ones are money wasters and which ones work the best. But this is how my advertising has gone so far.

Ive tried the local papers and paid out the money with not one call received. I have had an ad in the yellow pages and i do get on average about 1 call a week regarding it but the ad states mobile nail tech which i was at the time but now i rent in a salon ive not been able to persuade any of these calls to come to the salon as they particularly wanted mobile.

I have found effective posting a flyer through houses locally to the salon advertising summer offers and a recommend a friend scheme and this seems to have gone down well with a few new clients and certainly lots of people enquiring further about other services.

Ive also been told that advertising in your local parish magazine works well so Im now doing this so will have to see.
Alot of it is word of mouth and it does take time to build a clientele Ive been in the salon over 6 months and I work 3 days a week and it is only now starting to pick up
a bit more. Im finding my clients at the moment are wanting treatments for occassions rather than regular maintenance but this will hopefully change in time.

You may have to try several ways to see what works for the area you are working in as Ive seen and heard so many different ideas that have worked for some and not others.

Good luck

hi i saw my local parish mag the other day and thought about it i may give it ago xx
There are 2 types of advertising - stimulative and directive. Stimulative is when people react to your advert ie leaflet drops, newspaper ads, etc and can take time to get results. They may keep your number until they actually need your services, or you have to keep advertising in the same place so that when they look for you again in a few months time your name is still there (unless you put in a good special offer that makes them think it is worth having it done sooner rather than later). Directive advertising is when people actually need a service NOW and so turn to directories(ie YP, Thomson local, etc) to find what they are looking for. Therefore directory advertising tends to get the better and quicker result in our type of industry. (sorry, used to work for Thomson Directories and so learnt all about advertising) It may appear expensive but they normally let you have 10 months interest free credit Compared to newspaper advertising it is v reasonable ie I paid £30 per week for 12 words in 3 editions (Tues, Weds, Thurs) in our local paper - about £120 per month. I could get a full colour ad in YP for less than this which is in every household in your area 24/7. There are so many nail techs out there that you must create your own USP (unique selling point) which makes you stand out from your opposition. Finally in directory ads, size does matter! Turn to your beauty section in YP and pretend you are looking for a nail tech, I bet you choose the glossy ads with colour and pictures, not the "business card text only". Hope this helps
hi all
i advertised in my local parish mag for my 'home clients' (i also work on a commission basis in a tanning shop) and signed up for 6 months (it wasn't a lot less for 1 month!) After the first month i thought it was a total waste of time but, hey, i am now getting the calls 4 and 5 months down the line.

It seems to be one of those things that people see the ad on a regular basis and although they didn't want extensions, nail art etc at the beginning, the ad is now wedged somewhere in their sub-conscious. Admittedly this has resulted in only about 10 calls of which 4 are regular but from those 4, they passed my details to their friends and colleagues which has resulted in another couple of clients...hopefully they'll recommend me and the cycle continues.

I would suggest choose an advertising medium, whichever suits you best, and stick it out for a while...

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