Need eyelash extension business name help


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Hello everyone, i am in desperate need of a business name for myself I am a Eyelash Extension Specialist and I am pressed on time with getting this name. As of what i want I am open to all ideas, I just want it to be original and something that stands out as well. I do not not mind it starting or having my name in it. And i am very girly and I call myself Prince$$ Tiara it just always been my name.

But if anyone can help me with any ideas i would love the feedback. Thank You guys So much!

My name is Tiara Shepard by the way and eventually i will start selling eyelash strips and doing waxes


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The Lash Princess


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All these are taken, but those are great choices


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Personally, I'd be a little wary about zoning straight in on 'lashes' as you may want to mix things up a bit in six months and add something else! Also, it can be hard to be really original. Lash Princess is lovely, and Princess Tiara by itself is nice and your logo will tell them it's lashes, or you could always add something to do with eyes but not strictly lashes e.g. 'Vision by Tiara'. Good luck!