Need help suggestions on special offers nov dec


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Dec 7, 2007
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Cant decide what offers i should do fast running out of time, what everybody else doing this time of year this is my first winter self employed??

Im doing an offer every month Sep- Massage Oct- Tanning

What Next ???

Really stuck need some inspiration?
We offer free back massages with full facials , it really gets them in. We do a 20 min one and just block out 1hr 30 mins in the book, it doesent cost you anything to do and the client is getting an extra treat. Have a good look at your menu and see what you can combine .
Do you find it easier to do the facial first or the back massage? x
I am in the same situation too :irked: I need to get something done by the end of the day, I am thinking along the lines of "November Special - Winter Warmer" still undeciede what to include!

How about you doing a "Winter Warmer" - You could maye do a combination of heat treatments, like back/bady massage using warmed oils, hot stone massage, or heated mittens & booties.

Or you could do a mini facial with an indian head massage, this is great as it flows, you can do the head massage whilst the mask is on, take the mask off then do the face massage, the client stays in the same position too which doesnt disturb them if they fall asleep.

J.Victoria - I personally do the facial first, but I dont think it matters, you could maybe ask the client which way round they would prefere! x

Hope that helps x:hug:x
Do you find it easier to do the facial first or the back massage? x
Well I always do the back massage first so that they are nice and relaxed berfore the facial, I also find if you do it last they take longer to get up off the couch, and if you only have a short turnaround, at least when you finish the facial you can sit them up with a glass of water, and also if your trying to retail its still in their heads!!:)

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