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Jan 26, 2010
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I've got a client who has headkandy hair extensions in 'malibu blonde' - I've attached a link to site. She has bleached hair, and wants her hair matched to the extensions - her base is a 6/7, and she has about two inches of re-growth.

Malibu Blonde - Light Sandy Blonde - Click for the larger image! 1618 #B15

The extensions actually look a bit darker in real life than they do on the website.

I was thinking of using a base 9 with 3% on the lengths and then with 6% on the regrowth. Will this work? I'm a bit worried about it grabbing because of the bleach. xx
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I would take a test piece first and match it that way. You might find that 9/0 with 6% on the root area, with that base, throws up a gold look. What colour brand are you using?
I'm using igora. I've done a test piece with 8.6. and it's gone too khaki. It's also slightly too light. Plus obv it will fade after a few washes. I feel a bit lost!
8/60 in Igora should not go khaki. Have you tried 7/4 or 8/4 on test pieces. If I could see the hair, I would know what to put on! :)

The extension looks around a 9/4. Do you mean her base is a 6/7 Igora?? As that is copper.
Thanks, soz I meant that the base is a 6 or a 7.
What colour brand do you use? What does it match up to on the shade chart? x

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