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Sep 16, 2013
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Hi Ladies. Theres a pamper night where ladies buy a ticket for approx €30 and go into a room where there are beauty stands and hairdressers where everyone provides ticketholders with a ten minute treatment, all in aid of a local school. I'm a qualified nail tech and have been offered a table to carry out treatments however I don't know what to do in just ten minutes that these ladies will think'wow!' My 3 week manicure takes 30 mins, and I dont want to do just one sample nail because to me that's not a full treatment. I was thinking heated mittens but Ive found out another table is doing hand masks and massage. Normal polish with base and top coats takes as long as 3week, and lasting result is poorer as you know. Is my only option file and high shine buffing?? This is a fantastic chance to promote my new salon so I want to impress, but Im not sure if the high shine will cut it. Any ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated x
What about some simple quick nail art? Or like you say a file & maybe cuticle work, can give the ladies a % off voucher for them to come get a gel polish/normal polish if booked on the night? X x
If you use vinylux there's no base coat just colour and top, cannot think of anything else that would only take 10 mins. That's a tough one :(
expres manicure just file and polish.
Hot oil cuticle soak or a paraffin wax treatment.
What about Xmas nail art with gel polish on just the ring fingers? Then they can paint the rest of their nails in their own polish xx
Konad with a bit of sparkle x
Thank you, great ideas girls, weight off my mind now!x
Could you not do the feet instead of the hands?
You should still go for the heated mitts you'll find while The other table is doing theirs the other women will automatically come to you any way x

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I would do VINYLUX polish and sell the hell out of it to everyone before Xmas. Great present, great price and dry in 8.5 minutes, needs no base coat and lasts a good week! Perfect timing.

Bring a colour chart or samples and order sheets and make yourself some good retail sales.

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