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Jan 11, 2003
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Hi all,

I need some help. I may have a job at a really cool salon, but they only do sculps there... I have a really hard time doing them... :(

I have a sheet from TT to practice on, but I need more help then just that...How can I practice on a real hand without the nails staying on?? Is this possible???? :frust:

Also, I'm heading back to school hopfully in Jan to do Cometology! :D
It should only take me about 10 mths since I'm a lic nail tech already...

Thanks for any info,
Well love, I had a thought.................
Why not get a Nails trainer..............
It's a simulated client, a hand that moves and has digits just like the real thing..............
You can practice on this to your hearts content and it never moans about anything................. well this version doesn't, but I am sure they will be a talking one on of these days lol.....................
Yes and you can practice all systems on this incuding airbrushing......
Try Ebay there are usualy some on there, nice second hand (LOL) ones.............
If not Creative Nail Design and other companies sell them brand new

good luck on your forthcoming course
love Ruth xxx
Another good way to practice safely on a 'real' hand is:

Do not prep the nail.
Apply a small amount of Cuticle oil to the nail plate or a tiny amount of Vaseline.
Sculpt the nail.
In a short time, the sculpted nail will pop off.
there will be no damage to the nailplate as the product was never adhered to it in the first place.
I usse a Nail Trainer - fondly referred to as Mrs Fortiscue. She never argues, moans or groans about the service I perform and is so patient with me.
However, it IS nice to have a real hand and I think Geeg's idea with the oil is really cool. I shall try this as I want to practice sculpting too.
Thanks Geeg, you are such a star with your fantastic ideas.
geeg, what a truly brilliant idea, i have a nail trainer which i use loads, but has was said it's nice to practice on real hands, which i do, my ever so patient boyfriend, so your idea will save him sometime in soaking off before he goes back to work as a builder i did once tell him i had run out of remover he was about to get his power drill, but i thought better of it.

p.s i'm dying for 1 of his mates to pop round when he has a full set of acylic nail enhancements.
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