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Jun 22, 2004
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Just wanted to say hello to everyone, I have just passed my foundation course with creative nails a few weeks ago and I am trying my hardest to get my speed down (how hard is this) and to ensure my nails are thin enough!!! Does any one have any tips?
French or Natural? (Got and tips, get it) Sorry as my BB thread on chit-chat will confirm I have completely lost my marbles! Actually not sure if I ever had them!!!!!!!!
Dont worry about your speed at the mo i've been trained since december n it still takes me 2hrs just as long as your producing a good set of nails speed will come later. As for producin thin nails u must make sure when placing in zone 1 that u really press down so that the acrylic adhears to the tip, when i first started the end of the nails looked like doorstops but usin this forum regularly and practicin i can now produce a good thin set of nails hth
totally agree, as long as u get good set speed doesnt matter. what would u want from a tec, a really good set of nails, or sum1 who was really quick! I passed my unit 19 last month, been doing nails for a year, i hammered the application before curbing my time. still takes 2 hrs for full set, but improving each time!

practice makes purr-fect honey. we'll be slow coaches together!:biggrin:
Congratulations on passing your course and don't worry about your speed yet. Concentrate on your technique and then evaluate in two months time.

Good luck

It takes time to produce qood quality nails in the beginning, hell i took nearly five hours in the beginning. Had to offer lunch and dinner when a client had a full

I now take two and a half hours, most of the time and know i will get quicker the more sets i do, so keep practising!
Hello Disco Honey....I know you are concentrating on sculptured nails, which are much, much quicker to do than tips - the other techs are right though..your skill level is more important than your speed in the beginning....practice, practice,practice is the only answer (I just hope you don't have an ogre of a boss if you're working in a salon who pushes you to get your speed up before you are ready!!!!!!!!!!!) Good Luck, Fiona

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