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Apr 24, 2007
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hi, i'm fearly new at nails. but everytime i do a set, i find that i am not happy with my new set. the clients are allways happy and content but i am always insecure about my work. if i doing it at home on my nailtrainer i always thing good, and in the conversion courses they looked perfect (she had them for 5 weeks).
i am starting a follow up course on the 12th of jan perhaps that will help. i don't know we will see.:cry:
I don't thing you're alone in never feeling satisfied, hun. Don't get disheartened. I feel that way a lot too, yet like you say the client doesn't see the little imperfections we focus on.

Give it time, it will come. And with the further training you have planned, for sure you will be getting better and more confident.
thanks, i am glad i am not alone. somethimes i just feel like giving up. but i know i will be getting better.
You sound like a perfectionist like me. I am never happy either even though I get constant compliments on my nails. It stems from the fact that you know where the imperfections are (but your clients don't), and if they are returning to you then you are obviously doing something right! Let your insecurities fuel you as they do me and never stop asking questions, doing research, practicing, and soon you will be one of the best in the business. There is a lot of competition out there in nails and if you don't give up and want to be one of the best you will! I know a few nail techs that have been doing nails for years and years that aren't as good as they should be, but they didn't have the drive that you and I have. :hug:
i know really, i just cant stop looking things up on the net, in books and practise. i would like to enter the belgium championchips but good models are a rarety here in belgium.
and for some reason the hands and the nails (shape) are very important. sinds i havent got many clients and family i not happy to enter with me, so im stuck. perhaps next year.
to everyone a good ending and a better beginning. >Love
I feel like that sometime still and i have been doing nails for over 5 years, keep practising and your confidence will grow and the feeling of being never satisfied with undoubtedly become less and less as you do more sets.

all the best

Also, isn't there a 100 set rule? That you have to do 100 sets before you actually "Get It" I know I have not done 100 yet.
I am the same hun, but i am going to take the creative course as i dont feel i know enough yet but everyone says my nails i do are fab but i dont feel confident yet and always look for things i dont feel happy with quite frustrating but practice helps i feel i am getting better. i trained at the carlton institute in Windsor and feel i learnt more myself, i would not recommend anyone to train there total waste of money. Can anyone recommend the course i will need to do or will i need to start from scratch with CND?

Many thanks and happy new year
I feel that way and Im a long timer.

They come back for their fill and I ask who did your last fill?

Sometimes Im shocked because I think they look like (fill-in with a yucky word)
Sometimes Im shocked cause they look great.
You are not alone and in my, maybe not worth a whole lot:) opinion that can be a good thing.
I have never wanted to be the best or number one, only because where do you go when you get there?

I hope I don't offend but just keep doing what your doing as well as others have posted practice,practise ...

Happy New year, and good luck with all things nails.
i know really but i guess its how you feel as well when you do the nails, if you have troubles then the nails will not go so well, but when you are having a great day then the nails will go perfect and smooth and you will feel good about them. (havent had that mutch, but hey we will keep on practising.)
Most of us on here are like that, it's a good thing, keeps you on top of your game and aiming for the best......start to worry when you don't think like that and you bang on nails that look like crap and you don't care....I could never do that :hug:

Keep practicing and continue with your training you will be fine xxx
I think this is a good thing. I always analyse my work and most times when a client leaves in my heart of hearts there is usually something i am slightly irrirated with but if this was not the case I would get complacent.
A top educater once told me 'you are turning out salon nails not competition nails' but i think it depends on the type of person you are. By constantly checking your work you will only keep improving.

What scares the s*** out of me is when techs come in for a job in the salon and do a totally bad job ie thick, bad shape and wonky smilelines:irked: and.... do not know that there is anything wrong with them:lol:
A couple of the girls I had in had been doing nails for around 10 years. It makes you scream inside! but how can you say to someone that has done nails for 10 years that they are crap and go away and get some descent education:eek:

So....To be your own critic is a good thing use it to you advantage

Lv Jo x

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