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Hi, I'm hoping to get some advise please I've been hairdressing 8 years and I went mobile 6 months ago. I'm doing quite well but was wanting to get some advise on doing special offer to get some new clients I was thinking 20% off but would loose money with my regular clients any advice welcome thanks


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It's better to offer something extra rather that knock down price.

But, if you can't do that, why not give your current clients that discount to thank them for their loyalty for sticking with you!

You could do it as a one of for them, or only when they spend x amount. Or for a particular month. Or get 20% off your second appointment.

Why not get existing clients to 'introduce a friend and get £x or x% off your next appointment'
That way you treat your loyal clients and get full paying new clients

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It's your loyal customers that deserve discounts not new ones, I've never run an offer that had any success and realistically I wouldn't want people to think of my business & think of offers, I just give my regulars money off their next appointment if they've refered soneone & I do freebies on the birthdays, they love that


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While I agree with 'added value', and the 'odd treat'......DON'T GIVE YOURSELF AWAY.......:eek:
It takes TIME to build a loyal clientele.......that's all you need!;)