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Apr 13, 2012
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Hi there, I am, very slowly, starting beauty treatments from home on a part time/evening and weekend basis. I currently have a full time (5 days a week) job in an office am thinking of asking my boss if I can reduce down to 4 days a week, so that I can spend a full day at home to concentrate on my treatments. Can anyone give me advice on what would be the best day to do this, is there a day mid week that people prefer to come for treatments...? I look forward to hearing from you.
i think everyone has different busy days but i have found im busier tues to thurs and quiet on fri and sat!!clients tend to want nails etc done before the weekend rather than at the weekend hth xx
I currently dedicate Monday and Wednesday mornings, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings to my business and I do get bookings for Monday and Wednesday but I'm always booked out evenings and Saturday's!

I do it the opposite, instead of figuring out what night's I do want to work I decided to keep a Tuesday night as family night, and will take bookings any other night, I don't advertise to work Fri/sat but if a client asks I do i it. Like someone else said most people want their nails done for the weekend not on the weekend xx
Thursdays are always the busiest for me!
Thursday's and Friday's are our busy days x
Fridays and Saturday's are my busiest, Wednesday's are dead
I think were all different it seems.....Wednesday is a busy day for me but so is Sundays but thats down to our location, on the River in a tourist spot.

I'd say Thursday is my busiest, evening especially.

Think about the treatments too, we do loads of spray tans on Thursdays ready for the weekend.
Payday is usually a Friday so it's good to see clients then too.... hth x
Many thanks everyone - this is really helpful. It is a really slow process, I am still refreshing on some treatments, but dont have the client base yet to get more practice. I am thinking Thursdays would work best for me (fit in around family and current work). I dont do tan or nails, just massage, facials and waxing. I have a feeling most people would want evening treatments, so think I am going to have to bite the bullet and work long hours to get this up and running... Ax
Think about your area and client base! is it an affluent area with a large amount of ladies at home during the day or are your clients (think about those who have shown some interest) mostly full time workers? Saturdays will always be busy as most are off work and then evenings, especially Thursdays. It will take time to build so dedicate two nights to start and Saturdays and build from there, this way you will know which day is most in demand.
Think about what the shops around you are doing. Most places open late on a Thursday evening so more people are likely to book in then. Also research, put out a little survey to family and friends and see what they say x
Spanner in the works here - when I had my salon, Mondays and Tuedays were my busiest days!
I do what you are thinking of doing 4 days a week in my other job and beauty in the evenings, weekend and 1 weekday. I have Friday as my beauty day, I work one weekend day (first booking chooses the day) and I work Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. However I struggle to say no and I have been know to work all week if I'm not doing anything else
I went from working full time in an office to 3 days a week (Mon Tue & Weds) I find I can pack out Thursdays and Fridays and Saturday used to be hit and miss but now they're so busy too last Saturday I started my first appointment at 8.30 and finished at 5pm! :D

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