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Nov 9, 2007
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Olympia, WA USA
Hi all, I’m a newbie geek and have been doing nails professionally since March of 2005. I just went out on my own in a new Salon in a small town, Tenino, WA, USA. I am the only tech in town. We opened in September and the stylists are keeping quite busy; they have been working in the area for some time previously. I have found it to be very difficult to get new clients here. I am not known around town and have been trying to socialize as much as possible.

My question is, what promotions did you do to get your name out there when you started? I use IBD gels and gel polish, Amber Manicure and Pedicure products and SpaRitual polish. I have found difficulty finding promotional support in these companies; but I love their products.

One of the stylists at the salon told me she gave out free 1st haircuts to bring clients; but your shears don’t cost you any money like usage of product does.

I can be long winded sometimes, so I’ll end with HELP!!

Maybe you could put a local ad in or do a flyer drop (or give out to hair clients) offering every new client who books their infill appointment in when having a set of enhancements done gets the first infill with 20 % off. Then they are sure to give you a try and come back for their special offer price. This worked for me during a quite period (after christmas) last year.

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