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tilly mint

Mar 1, 2009
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Hi, hope someone can help, I have just finished my Level 3 and I am starting out mobile as was always my intention.
I noticed that lots of elderly people came into college and I really enjoyed treating them so thought that maybe I could visit residential homes as do many Hairdressers.
How do I go about this though ? Do I ask to put a poster up or drop some flyers there, would I go in an set days or just when clients wanted me to?
What would be a fair price to charge for things like Facials, mani and pedis and massage?
Thank you in advance.

I would approach the wardens on the shltered scheme and inform them of your services I would maybe add a discount for senior citizens and work out what day is best for you. I would arrange to go the same day each time. You could even go in and do a demo and take some bookings from that.
Some of the residential homes near me also use tai chi and linedancing, they get up to all kinds these older folk!
Hope this helps
Good luck
Thank you ! That sounds like the right way to go about it I am going to give it a shot ! :)

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