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Jan 12, 2003
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Dubbo, Australia

Beautiful work love the zebra print.
Gorgeous as always :thumbsup:
Only in my dreams i do nail art
Cool ;)
Like me I can see you like Christies Hybiscus :D
I love the Zebra.
Take care Dawnie
Lovely. Love the zebra print!

:sunny: FAB! I love the detailing on the flowers, and the zebra print is really good! :thumbsup:

Lurve the zebra stripes!!!

Kx :D
Nice work Michelle :thumbsup: especially the zebra - think zebra will always be my favourite :)
Very Good Hunny!!

I love those flowers!!
They are fantastic!!

What colour white did you use on the zebra stripes? it is really pretty!

I'm off to practise some more! lol

Suey x
Hi Suey

The white on the zebra nails is actually white acrylic - same colour as I used on the tips, EzFlows Truly White.
they are great

They are great, I would love to be able to do art like that, unfortunately I can only manage abstracty things, although I can do zebra I`m glad to say. I have never thought of doing white acrylic first though, great idea.
Hi Michelle - I too wish I could do such detailed flowers but am not that artistic at all :( They are gorgeous!!

Could you tell me what brush is best to use for the black stripes on the zebra print? I'd like to give this one a go - I normally do the tiger stripes with the striping brush but these seem thicker wavier stripes :rolleyes:

wow! those nails are so prety, how long did the flower one take you to do!
love from
trace xx :D
If you look on Christie's web site it gives you step by step for the hybiscus flower .......Christie is so talanted with flowers.
Anyhoooooooo have a peep.
Take care Dawnie
thanks for that dawnie, what a lovely site it is too.
also your dog is lovely!! what is his name!
once again thanks for the info!
love from
tracey xx :D
Hi Trace
I thought you would like Christies site she is so talanted with flowers :rolleyes:
As for my hearing dog his name is Mullie and he is the smartest most handsome dog in the whole wide world :D
Take care Dawnie xxxxxx
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