New nail tech, bit of help on how to get a clientele base?


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Apr 5, 2016
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Morning all,

Just needing a bit of advise/ideas , I've decided I'm wanting to go self employed [emoji5]️ I do acrylics , will be doing acrylic toes too ( I absolutely hate feet) [emoji16][emoji58]

My prices are low at the minute with me just starting out , wondering what could I do to build up my clientele , I've got a fb page and an Instagram page, thought about loyalty cards where if they recommend a friend they get a full set of acrylics half price and after their forth visit their fifth visit would be free?

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Many thanks [emoji5]️ X
I my opinion, your loyalty scheme is too generous.
I my opinion, your loyalty scheme is too generous.

I agree! I find people recommend anyway if they're happy so I don't give anything now (tightar5e lol but you add that up through the year, it's a lot )

How about 25% off their fifth appt?

I think social media is one of the best ways of gaining new clients. I run a monthly competition where I give away a shellac or mani, they have to like and share my post which always has my best piccies which results in lots of page likes from their friends and occasional appts, and the prize winner usually becomes a regular!
Thanks ladies [emoji4]
I was thinking of competitions too , like when my page gets to so many likes to give away something , it's quite hard to get your work out there when you're just starting up isn't it , sometimes I can get 20 likes on a set I've done then other days I'll get 2 it's so frustrating at the same time! X
I have one competition on my fb page and a few offers that I can think of. You could have like a raffle type competition. It also depends how you got your fb page setup as a business page or as a person page. If you have a business page, you can set up offers and people can claim them.
I offered a discount (10%) if they recommended me to a friend who mentioned their name, worked really well. Also charge your worth, some potential clients may think cheap equals not good and it is difficult to retain clients who are used to a bargain price when you start charging your worth.
Post pics of every set you do, ask people to share if they like them! On quiet days get creative and post sample pictures.
Good luck, you will soon build it up, just takes a bit of perseverance xx

Edit - I also gave a voucher for a nail treatment of clients choice to a MacMillan fundraiser, helped a worthy charity and got my name out there too xx

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