New Plan! Opinions please!


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May 12, 2003
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Okay, so I have only made about £30 this week. This is a bit depressing but I know that it will pick up near Christmas so it's okay.

I am planning to book some 1-2-1 training at Leeds, because I need to build up my confidence and have a good technician tell me where I am going wrong. (Hopefully not too harshly! :D )

Also, part of me thinks that I should sit it out where I am for a while and see what happens. But at the same time, the people I work with can really make life a misery, and even though I love my job, it makes me want to stay at home in bed!

However, I have seen a little shop that would be a perfect start off point which is still in the area where I work now.

It is small, but it is set on it's own, and even though it is just out of the main town I think it will attract Customers who don't always want to go into the town centre.

That way, the Customers I currently have can still follow because it is not that much further for them to travel. I know it is a big move financially but it shouldn't be as expensive as a main street shop.

I haven't looked at it yet, but opinions so far would be really good! :D

Thank You
Well you know what? Our friend Kerrie from Australia was in much the same position as you are in now. People knocking her confidence at work ... talking behind her back etc etc. My advice to her was to move and be happy and I'm sure when she reads this she will tell you herself it was the best move she ever made!

Within days she was booking up and now is fully booked. you don't know what damage these so called co-workers are doing to your credibility behind your back?¿?¿?¿

Think carefully. If you can afford it and you think it is a good area and there is relatively easy parking then do it.
Would be intrested to know what type of salon you currently work in hair, tanning? and wether you have done any advertising? This could be a great opportunity & definatley should b looked into. Ive read some of your posts and i dont think you would have any problem making it but you would need 100% confidence. Look into the costs carefully and be realistic.

Keep us posted.
Hi beatuifulnails :)

Geeg is right, i was in pretty much the same situation a few months ago that you are in right now.

I seriously lacked confidence and was only getting 1 to 2 clients every other day, i was so depressed because i loved my work but i didnt want to get out of bed to go in there every morning, there was awful tension and i just felt like crying , and the girls where i worked didnt make it any easier, always snide little remarks and just draining my confidence till there was pretty much none left.

After talking with Geeg and my husband i just up and left, i have never regretted it, i move to a salon about 100 metres down the road.

I have been in the new salon for about 2 months now, and my book has just quickly filled up, i still pinch myself sometimes lol my confidence is just amazing, and because of that im doing much better work, and all my clients are happy, (well you always have that one you cant please lol )

Im actually making a very good living from my work now , i was able to afford to go and complete my Master classes .

I still have my slow days, but from wed through to sat im lucky if i get a toilet break lol on those days i get about 6 - 8 clients a day, it still amazes me lol but it was the best move i ever made.

My advice beautifulnails is to take the plunge and leave, it might seem like a big step, but it can only be a step forward, it sounds to me like they are zapping every little bit of confidence that you have, and belive me it does affect the work you do and also your attitude with your clients, they pick up on it even if you dont think they do.

Even if you do it from home for a little while and regroup your thoughts and direction, its better than being in a situation like that, i just know exactly how you feel.

If you need to just PM me anytime and we can talk about it.

I hope this has helped a little

Kerrie :)
Well said Hun,
It isn't always easy to say stop this is enough...............
I have been on the verge loads of times, but after perseverance and being able to collect my thoughts...............
Stayed put, but I only did this because I could see, that there could be a change for the better in staying.........................
I must say since after my little break in july, things have improved 100% and I think it is down to me, telling the Shop owner, in a firmer way about the things that needed sorting out............. and if she wasn't going to take my comments and suggestions on board then I would be up and away......................
Well she did and hey I even got my station moved nearer to the window... larger retail area and things are looking up..............
But next time and if there is a next time, then I wont be so patient and will just be up and away...................
There is always a way out, but sometimes it is hard to make that move.........So don't waste time if you think you are happier and better off moving..........................Just do it and this way you are the master of your own empire well little kingdom to start of with........
So I wish you well and good luck

love Ruth xxxxxxx
Thank You for your replies, here's what has happened so far.

SO I thought about it in detail and discussed it with my Mum. I finally convinced her to get in the car & I would show her where it is. :)

We got there and had a peak through the windows. She agreed it was a perfect spot, and we discussed it. She agreed it was something I should definately look in to. 8)

I was so excited, and then as I was showing her the front of the shop we noticed something. Instead of saying 'To Let', it now says 'Let By'! :shock:

I was devastated! They must have done it on Saturday because it wasn't there when I passed in the morning! :(

My new plan is to phone them 1st thing in the morning and see if a deal has been settled. (which I know it probably has! :( ) If so I will ask them to give me a call if it falls through. (Fingers crossed!) :D

My Mum says at the end of the day, if it is taken then it clearly wasn't meant to be this time, and I should just prepare everything in time for the next shop I see so I can put an offer in straight away! :)
I'm with your Mum on this one, I believe in fate. If it is to be your new shop - you'll get it, if not, don't worry, the time/place wasn't right!

BUT it has got you thinking and researching and planning! So something great has come out of it! :D

I have been in my salon - in the back of a shop for 5 weeks and am loving it - I have a lot to learn - but have already got regular customers and have surpassed my expectations (which were limited and small!!!! The BMW comes next month :D :D ).

So when you find the place and you are ready for the challenge - go girl!!!!!

Well, it's definatley gone! :(

I'm gutted, that it the second time it's happened!

Oh well, just keep looking. I'd better go to work now. :)
Never mind!!! The perfect place will come along and you at least will already know what you want to do.
;) ;)
Guess what???????

The estate agents called me today and said that it is still available, and that they would be more than happy to show me around! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

So I am going to view it tomorrow! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

(You watch, now it'll turn out to be too blooming small! :D )
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