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Mrs Gadget

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Jan 30, 2003
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After negotiating lease on old hairdressing salon, I have today received the keys for the salon.

I have decided to open as a nails and beauty salon with 2 part-time beauty therapists, 2 full-time CND fully qualified nail techs, 2 junior nail techs due to start college next month on VTCT course, part-time make-up artist and I also have a sunbed and St Tropez airtan.

Am well excited and after much deliberation told the salon owner today where I work, that I am leaving tomorrow and working from home as well as mobile to my regular clients, was a little nervous about telling her but am so glad that I have done it!

The trouble is I feel so guilty, there were issues with the salon owner with which I was not happy about and which were not rectified so I thought in the circumstances it would be better for me to leave and open my own salon. My hubby tells me that I should tell her why I have moved on but I don't think I have it in me.

I have been gagging to tell you all for a while that I was opening my own salon but in the circumstances felt that I had to hold back until at least I had told the salon owner that I was leaving. Just thought I would post as this has been going on for a while and now that it is finally happening I just felt I needed to get it off my chest, to make me feel a little better in myself.

Hope I haven't babbled on for too long with this post I just hope my new salon will be a huge success!

Jue ;)
Well Hun good luck,
Sounds a fab set up, and I am sure all will go well...............
As for telling the Salon owner, well why bother..................
You have told her you are going, and that should be that ........If you start having it out with her now, then nothing much will be achieved, except a lot of bad blood....The beauty world is a small one and you never know, when your paths might cross again................

So you told her you are working from home and then going mobile.....thats good enough and after all what ever you decide after you have left her shop for good, is up to you.............
Just no sour grapes, just tell people you felt it was the right time to go it alone...........................

so good luck Hun
lots of love Ruth xxxx
Good luck with your new salon, wishing you every success :D
Wishing you every success Jue!

I think Ruth is right.!!!! why worry yourself!? have made a decision to go it alone....and I would have done exactly the same if I were in your shoes!!!! (Im one for a quiet life me!)

I hope it goes soooooo well.....its sounds a perfect opportunity and good luck with everything! :spiral:

Love and Hugz!
Good luck with your new business, sounds like you have a great set up. As for your previous position - you have moved on don't worry about it. just make sure the points that needed sorting out in the last one is carried out in yours then you will have your key to success. go for it babe!!!!
Sawadee ka

Have good lucky for new salon i think it maybe better you told her you open new salon because you want to do salon for you .

But now you not tell mai pen rai no problem not worry about anything and think about your own shop .

Lady other shop find someone for your job no problem .

Kop khun ka mui
Thank you for all your kind wishes.

Some of the main issues raised with the salon owner are definately covered in my salon, that's why we will be a great salon.

Will keep you all updated on progress and when we open, I didn't realise how much hard work is involved in it but it will be worth it in the end as with the team of girls that are working with me, we will be a huge success!

Jue ;)
the team of girls that are working with me

I like what you said. you are gonna make a nice person to work with, :) too many salon owners have their heads up their...............sleeves. ha. make a team and you have a winner eh!! you will have to post some piccies for us to see. all the best. take care
Congratulations on starting your own salon. There will be a lot of hard work ahead, but I'm sure you'll find it all very gratifying and worthwhile. Good luck. :D
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