New Shellac shades?


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Apr 4, 2010
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I'm sure I saw on a thread some colour pops of the new charmed and intimates collection. I've done a search and can't find them. Can anyone help. Trying to decide what colours to get.

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I was just about to ask if anyone had any swatches of them yet too? Please :)
Thank you! I knew I had seen them somewhere. Still not sure what to go for.

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No problem. I'm going to get the Charmed Collection. I love Iced Vapour and I have Serene Green in Vinylux so I'm going to get it in Shellac. I'm not a big fan of green but it is lovely. The Intimates Collection can wait for now.
Any swatches of the intimates collection?
These are on another thread. I cant link it atm but search, they're out thete :)

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The intimates swatches are on that thread too :) x
I have to admit I'm not to keen on the greens. But think I like the lighter one better. I may get that set. still deciding on wither i need another additives collection or not.
I'll be at The Centre Glasgow early doors.

I'm gonna get at least one of everything and perhaps two of the frosted glen and ice vapour. Can't wait!

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Lucky you I can't get away from my day job so will try and catch the shop before it closes.
Oh man I'm stupid I didn't see them, thanks :irked:
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