New to acrylics, can you advise?


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Jul 16, 2012
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stoke on trent
Hi There fellow Geekers.

I have just done a man n ped course.

I want to ask, do I really need to do my acrylic course with cnd, and if so why?

Is there any difference doing a course with them and a course with someone else?

How long will it take for me to be confident to do these professionally.

I really would value your feedback please
Hi love,

I think a lot of geeks like CND through and through however there are so many acrylic systems you don't HAVE to be trained in CND however it is one of the best as the training is absolutely first class. However I am trained in NSI nail enhancements.. It's a 4 day course over 4 weeks with LOTS of theory to take home too! I love the NSI system as the acrylic is so easy to work with!!!

Hope this helps!!
Hi, thank u, where can I find out more about it, and what is the cost
I can't give prices over this forum it isn't allowed but if you type NSI into google it will bring it all up.. And it should give info of nearest training centre xx

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