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Jul 31, 2007
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Hi, i am new to this forum and have found some great info and help just browsing around. I have just started back doing acrylic nails which i have not done for 3 and a bit years. I just did a refill/rebalance and it took me 3 hrs!!!! yes 3! they weren't my work to begin with and were in very bad shape and had dark blue glitter tips and i changed to french tips. I used a drill to file the smiley and a file to file the rest. What can i do to get faster??? can someone please give me some hints on maybe where i can cut down my time. I have had some trouble with some previous full sets so i am really concentrating on my filing and sealing the edges which maybe i am spending too much time on, not sure though. I want to be good at nails and don't want to give up before i get there!
Any advice anyone??:irked:
To be honest over 3 years is a long time to have been out of the Industry, as improvements in products and techniques are constanly happening.
I would advise a refresher training course...possibly even on a 1-2-1 basis with your training provider/product supplier. HTH
I agree and would go on a refresher course. Also I do not infil or rebalance nails other than those that i put on. The client doesnt mostly know what products were used on them in the first place and i don't like to mix systems in case the pink i use is a different shade to the pink that is on there. Regarding rebalancing, i think the trick is never to let the nail get to bulky, and practise, practise, practise.
We are getting a lot of referral business from another salon as they just have too many clients (yaaay for us). We have all said in our salon that when you work on someone else's work it always takes a lot longer, and the fact that you totally changed colours didn't help you.

Don't worry too much about timings, I haven't done nails for a few months and it took me waaaay longer than I usually do for a full set. I apologised to my client for how long it took me and she just said "I'm not in any hurry you take your time, I much rather you do a good job for me than hurry"

The more you do the quicker you get, all of a sudden it all just clicks into place. And remember "talk to the hand"!!!!!
Thanks for that advice ladies. I do know i can't expect to be fast after so long away from it. But it' disheartning. I am impatient and want to be perfect now. After reading over this site the last week or so. i feel like i am mixing with a heap of pro's and i am a real ameteur. I would never want to show my work to any of you! Anyway i will keep plodding along and telling myself not to give up!
Thanks heaps.:)

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