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Apr 27, 2012
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Hi ladies (and gents) just popping over from skin, im a spray tanner :)

Im really interested in branching out into nails and doing something along the Shellac route. Just looked on the S2 website and the price of training just made my eyes water a little haha obviously im prepared to pay whatever it costs to train with the best, and after quite a lot of reading on here and searching CND training and Shellac seems to come up on top :)

My question is... Does this training price include a kit to get you started or is that extra? I can't seem to find any information :)

Any help or advice would be really appreciated xx
Hi hun the prices include kits ( not the shellac course on it's own though you have to purchase that) but the ones with kits say that they include kits if I remember right though they don't include VAT so you have to add that on too, I could afford to do it and wanted to get back into it all ASAP once I'd decided I wanted to go back to work so I'm at college two evenings a week ( got funding for that) they going to do CND conversion when iv complete level 3 nail services
Thank hun! Youve been a big help :D x

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