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Nov 1, 2013
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I am trialling a new back treatment this week i.e cleanse, exfoliate, masque, steam, massage etc and doing it at a low price in return for honest client feedback (I have asked them to be brutal!) This way I know whether to add it to my treatment menu as a permanent fixture.

I'm just making some feedback forms up and so far have the following questions. Are there any others that you would add? Or think any of them are rubbish?

Thanks in advance! :)

(All done on scale of 1-5 with space to comment)

Overall experience
Relaxation factor
Products used
Likely hood of recommending treatment

Stages of treatment:
Hot towels

How much would you be prepared to pay for the treatment £10-20, £20-£25, £25-30, £30-£35, £35-£40, £40+

Should this treatment be added to the menu?

How would you improve the treatment/experience?

Testimonial and are they happy for me to use it.
Bump, still head scratching here, has anyone done feedback forms before and have any advice for me? Pretty please....?
I haven't done any feedback forms myself, but I would ask for any benefits seen and/or felt. I would not ask what someone is prepared to pay for a treatment ever as clients will assume you can afford to charge £10. The treatment sounds lovely though xx
Thanks for taking the time to reply Kellsy.

I know what you mean about the price thing. But my thoughts were that its only worth doing if someone is prepared to pay the going rate. I.e products plus my time. So if that works out at £40 and everyone says they think its worth £15, I'll knock it on the head.

On the plus side, I've had a stack of new clients book in so if its not a goer I might convert some to massage anyway! :)
I would keep it as a special treatment, lots of people suffer with oily/spot prone backs. Fingers crossed for lots of lovely loyal new clients for you xx
I agree I would ask what they'd pay either. Clients don't understand how much products, equipment, our time etc cost and don't really have a good understanding of how we set out prices. Just because they put they think the treatment would be £10 doesn't necessarily mean they wouldn't pay £45.00. And as said above they may think you can afford to do it at £10.00.

I've got a "back facial" on my price list, I've only ever done 7 in 2.5 years. It's easy for me to keep on my price list though as I have the products & equipment needed for it for other treatments anyway so it makes no difference if it's on there or not for me :)

Or just to add if you really wanted to put the price thing in there I would word it differently and put something like; "this treatment will be priced at £45.00 do you agree this is; great price/fair price/to expensive" or this treatment will be priced at £45.00 do you agree this is an excellent price for this treatment" or words to that effect :) xxxxxx
Good thinking!

Thanks for the replies geeks! All the gaps in my diary have been filled with this trial treatment now for the rest of the week, so at least I'll get some idea of whether its a goer or not! :)

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