New Year offers?


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Oct 11, 2014
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northern ireland
So what's everyone doing for offers in January to keep busy? Need to start planning now. Late to the party again!!

Is it wrong that I'm dreading January?
You shouldn't be that quiet if you make sure you keep up with your re books in December
If you want to do offers to encourage re-booking try to add to the booking rather than reduce the price. If you're just starting out and know you're going to be quiet offer a 20 minute upgrade such as a mini facial or mini massage treatment. That way clients get to see more of your work and you still make an income.
Offer clients a discount on a treatment that they don't normally have? Similar to Redduck's suggestion - offer your nail clients a discount on a facial treatment etc.

If you think you'll be quiet how about an introduce a friend scheme? For every appointment in Dec give the client a card with their name written in one space and a blank space for a friend's name. When the friend comes in (your new client) the original client gets a discount.

I would normally say, as has already been mentioned, not to discount but to add to your treatment. But if you are worried about being quiet there are lots of suggestions been mentioned before, maybe try a search for ideas?
I always ask clients when they want their next appointment, instead of just asking if they want to re book.
I have referral scheme in place as well for them to refer friends /family etc.
Was thinking more on offers for Jan without necessarily dropping prices. So that's given me some ideas :)
Focus on rejuvenation if you're going to create packages or offers [emoji4] new year new me etc, brow shaping, deep cleansing facials and relaxing massage (after all the stress and indulgence of the festive period). OR try a bump up scheme, if they have a basic manicure, bump it up to a deluxe or spa with a little cut off the price if they have a gel polish bump it to a gel manicure (make sure you apply masks and oils after gel) [emoji4] x
I normally give them a voucher in December. It will have an offer of a free mini treatment when they come for their next treatment in January. Or you could offer them a 30/40 percent off their cleanser/toner etc when they come for a treatment in Jan.

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