Newbie just starting out and need business name


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Jul 5, 2010
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sunny surrey
:) Hi all, i can't beleive i found this site. I think it's amazing. I love how you all seem to help each other out and give great advice so i am hoping you will be able to help me here as well.

I have level 3 diploma in massage but by september i will also hopefully be doing lash extensions and spray tanning. I'm also doing a reflexology diploma so a real mixed bag. I am finding it difficult to come up with a name that covers alternative health and beauty. Can anyone help??
have you thought of any yet? asked friends/relatives/clients?
Welcome to the site - You will soon be addicted! :lol:

Try & give us a bit more to go on, so we can get an idea of names for you.

What is your name?
How long have you been doing beauty?
Are you a salon owner, mobile, rent a room, etc?

Just some ideas of the top of my head........
Blissful Beauty
Beauty Bliss
Holistic Heaven
Complete Beauty
Body Beautiful
Universal Beauty
Yin Yan Beauty
Holistic Hands

Hope that helps x:hug:x
I also do a mixed bag of treatments how about
body healing
Tip top treatments
embody holistics

Hope this helps
Body and soul , I like it, I think you could then add beauty therapy if you wanted to?
thanks everyone. there are some good ones there. I will starting out working from home at first. Am going to transform the kids playroom as they don't even need it anymore. Can't even think about renting until i have a decent client base. Hopefully all will go well! :)
epic beauty
oh so lush
I am finding it difficult to come up with a name that covers alternative health and beauty. Can anyone help??
I know it's all the rage to come up with catchy, snazzy names these days (which if, easily, misspelt won't help you with internet searches) but why not use a name that advertises who or where you are and exactly what you do.

So, how about...
*your name*Alternative Health and Beauty
*street name of salon*Alternative Health and Beauty
Or if you're really bold...
*your town or city*Alternative Health and Beauty


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