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May 3, 2012
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Hiya everyone......was just looking online and spotted this website it looks FAB!!!

I am Jen im 24 years old from kent :))) i used to be a barmaid but have always been into hair and beauty and one day decided to start my own business....and have been very successful....I do everything from hair extensions, makeup, nails, spray tanning, tinting, hairdressing etc currently still learning things here and there still, im always looking for new ideas so though joining this site would be good to share tips, but also get some aswell :))))

hope to make some good friends on here too :) xxxx
Welcome to Salon Geek, it's lovely to meet new members :) So are you fully qualified or training at the minute? x
Hi and welcome x
Thanks Girls.....I never went to college ive been trained privately by professionals in everything, i found it was the best way for me as i was able to work around my other work and i was able to have one on one teaching that you dont benefit from in college :) xxx
Welcome aboard! You'll get lots of info on this site.

I hope you've got qualifications, certificates and insurance before carrying out treatments to the paying public. Last thing you need is someone wanting to sue you. Some things you read on here are quite scary in that department. Make sure you're fully covered! :biggrin:
I am indeedy :)
Aww hi! It's a great site! So helpful! Your gonna love it :) x
Thanks Rachey xx
Hi Glamorous and welcome to SalonGeek

Can't get that song out of my head now... you know, Glamorous by Fergie lol x
Hi Glamorous and welcome to SalonGeek

Can't get that song out of my head now... you know, Glamorous by Fergie lol x

Ha me too! I've been singing it all evening lol
Well you'll love it here there's always something new to learn :) x
haha thanks girls ;)

I totally forgot about that song....i need to download it now lol xxx
Agree great site with loads of info and some great girls and guys on here..
Enjoy. X
You do realise of course that you will now quickly become addicted to Salon Geek and have to have your daily (or twice daily lol) fix?

Welcome aboard hun xx
Thankyou girlies, it is becoming quite addictive already...theres just so many posts to comment and read lol xxx

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