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Oct 1, 2009
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Just qualified in set on myself a couple of weeks ago using tips and L&P overlays.

Im a newbie so all comments appreciated

Anyone able to make some comments?

Are they bad,good or just plain ugly?

Hiya, they look good, I think its because the photo isn't too clear, the length of your whites is lovely, well balanced with the nails beds, maybe on a few of the nails they are ever so slightly flared, but just ever so slightly, hard to see from picture your apex, it appears they may be a bit flat, but it may just be the photo, all in form the photo they look good, and you should give yourself a pat on the back! x
For us to give a helpful critique it helps to have several different photos, ie for a critique on the apex placement we need a sideview of the nail, for sidewall and edges we need a down the barrel shot, etc etc. HTHs
Pants..have taken them off now :( but thanks for the photo tips will take more in the future although Im sure it said only premium geeks could upload more than one photo?Think I misunderstood that lol thanks girls will put more photos on for the next time xxx

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