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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Blossom89, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Blossom89
    Hi everyone
    I've got a lady who I've been doing scalp bleach on for well over a year, she wanted to go dark so i explained all the pros and cons to her and she was happy with them! I have pre pigged and taken her darker using a quasi 6/0, 6/47 which has lasted significantly well. But today she's told me she wants to go lighter and I am losing the will to live! She wants to be a very light golden brown which in hairdressing terms is a medium to dark blonde from the colour she has shown me! Any advice would be appreciated before my brain explodes and I have a melt down Is it going to be achievable as I'm concerned about the underlying bleach thanks in advance
  2. JJH93
    Could you try a colour remover? Or a gentle bleach bath? How many shades lighter do you want to take her?
  3. Blossom89
    I've never used a colour remover before, she would like to be on the level of a 7/8, so only a shade or two, I'm wondering wether we should just let it fade and help the condition before putting another colour on? I've advised for the moment she sticks to quasi to help condition.
  4. Overthinker
    I would let it fade personally for a few more weeks because you don't want to damage her hair!
  5. JJH93
    Is her hair damaged now?
  6. Blossom89
    It's very dry on the ends, she's brought several products shampoo and conditioner I've told her to use so the condition will stay nice especially through out winter months. I'm not sure she's been using them to be honest it's only been the last few months the blonde has gone brittle on the ends. Feels and looks better after the quasi application though.
  7. Sallie ford
    This might work for your client if she has dry damaged hair get her to used clynol rapid recovery conditioner and use coconut oil

    My hair got servely damaged thur bleach ( own fault my hair is stubborn)
    But 2 weeks after using the conditioner and coconut oil omg my hair was amazing it look it amazing conditioner I carry on still using it and even tho I bleach my hair it no longer gets damaged and everyone who comes in for treatments and there hair is a bit damaged I refuse the treatment but get them buying the products and there that amazed that they book in again within a few weeks
    If I want a clients hair to fade I normally jst tell them to use head and shoulders whilst using the coconut oil and condition works fabulous xxxx
  8. Hpertzy
    Did you say how long ago you colored it darker? My blonde clients love to do this to me too, I know your pain! I always tell them to give it 7-10 washes, that bleached hair will suck the color up at first and a considerable amount will fade. Like the pp said, have her use Head and Shoulders or maybe do a Malibu treatment to pull some color out. I wouldn't want to touch it again with bleach though :/
  9. Caroline_music_
    could you gently and kindly say no? You said your head is about to explode/have melt down etc for good reason. Your gut instinct is saying don't do it. You explained pros and cons to her, she knew and she agreed to them and now she's changed her mind. You're a stylist not a miracle worker. The colour will fade soon enough, tell her to wash it every day twice and use a good treatment on it until it's faded, it will soon enough. Sometimes we have to be strong and firm with clients for their own good
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  10. Blossom89
    Thank you all for your comments, she has brought an olaplex treatment and I have taken a test piece, condition with a permanent colour is awful so advised her to carry on with treatment let it fade and we will try another test piece in a month, she is a very difficult client but also very loyal and has stuck with my for a long time. If the next test piece isn't good enough I think a gentle no is my only option lol xxx
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