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Feb 22, 2012
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Hi geeks! just wondered if anyone else used this nail polish? i bought a load for a princess party and i found it cr*p tbh, wasnt cheap either! probably about 30p cheaper than CND nail polish (don't know why i just didnt buy cnd first off!). Anyway, my nan asked me to paint her nails on saturday and i did, but this polish was AWFUL, i would paint one stroke, then another, and the second stroke would take the first stroke off and all the polish would gather together and become lumpy and bumpy, like i said, wonder if others have this problem? quite frustrating! x
I've always had good luck with Nina polish.
I bought a few bottles to use for nail art because they were on offer on the last VAT free day. I tried out the black and the yellow on my full nail and, I agree, they are not great! It took 3 coats of the yellow and still looked bad! The pearly white and glitter are fine though and looked lovely as a french tip with OPI Alter Ego. I would buy more, though, but only to use for nail art! xx
I use Nina Ultra Pro simply because it was my first ever business purchase and I didn't know any different! I don't find it bad at all. Nice colour choices and coverage, stay on well and clients seem to like it :)

I was thinking about converting to CND polish because of the good reviews but to be honest I don't use enough of it to warrant starting all over again!
I have a few bottles of Nina pro never had a problem with it. Red Fox is lovely.xx
hmm maybe its just me then. i have used opi and jessica before and never had a problem with those, just with the nina, ive invested in cnd though as i use shellac and they have some, albeit limited, colour that match the shellac.

thanks for all your replies :)

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