Nitrile gloves what are they made of ?


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Apr 8, 2007
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Hiya ,
just about to send Hubby down to Sallys as there is special offers on gloves and nail glue ect buy one get one free ,
I usually stock up on gloves for tinting and I usually get the vinyl gloves ,

but they have some new ones called nitrile ones has anyone used these or know what they are made of ? :hug:

OOh thank you Sandi for the fast reply ,they sound quite good ,
I dont get on with latex / rubber gloves as I tend to pull the hair a bit with rubber and they seem to set off my eye allergies ,
vinyl are better for not pulling the hair and my allergies , but arnt as snug as latex,
I shall give these ones a go as they are on offer and I shall report back on how they are ,
thank you again :hug: minky

My fav!!! Much prefer nitrile, they seem to allow more "feel" for the hair, like vinyl they don't pull but unlike vinyl I can pick up foils easily, feel the temperature of the water and they are snug.

We gave up latex some time ago, we had several clients with allergies. Nitrile gloves are no longer more expensive, so it just made sense!
In my previous life as a bacteriologist, I always wore nitrile gloves. I just found them easier to work in and they didn't get as sweaty as latex. That may just be a personal thing though.
Well I asked hubby where are the nitrile gloves ? and he said that they only did them in a blue purple colour ,
so he didn't think I wanted them ,:cry:

I would have used purple ones but would prefer clear or white ,
The lady didn't really know anything about them ,
Can you get them in clear or white too or is it just purple ?

thank you geeks :hug:

mine are white, I got them at a medical supply store- they now deliver us boxes a couple of times a month.
LOl I love the different colored the clients something to talk about besides themselves and their problems. :)

I have green, blue,and black ones.

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