nno on short nails; please help


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Jul 31, 2006
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Hi, I am hoping that someone could help me. I have a new client who has short nail beds and wants a forever french nno. I am concerned as I do not feel that is the best option.

However she is against having tips to enhance her nails. I have tried to advise her but she is totally anti - tips/sculpts. Could you please help me as I am not sure whether to do a p&w or apply a thin layer of acrylic and do a french manicure.

Any advice is welcome.

If you're doing a NNO then it would (in my personal opinion) be better to use forms and extend the free edge slightly, this will totally encase the free edges and cap it thoroughly.
Your client may be against tips and/or sculpts, but you must remind her that you're the professional and that if she wants a NNO it's always better to cap the free edge and the best way to do that is by using a form... she doesn't have to have loads of length added to her nails, just enough to ensure she doesn't get free edge lifting.

hth's a bit
As long as she has a free edge there is no reason why you cannot do a NNO be it with L&P or gel.:)
Sandi's advice is spot on and if you don't heed it or your client does not let you heed it, she will be worse off and her nails will not last as long.

I'd opt for a custom blended NNO and give her a look she never dreamt she could have.

If you do not offer that option then I'd do a NNO with one colour and paint a French with a very small free edge to elongate the appearance of the nail bed.
Thanks for the advice, it is really appreciated.

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