no.8 kolinsky for patting?


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Oct 19, 2007
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would it be eaier to use for l&p a flat largish brush? im using nsi brush at the moment but wondering if life would be easier using a flatter larger on so patting is alot easier and neater?

also could you use maybe a no.8 baby grand for the application and a no.8 flat square kolinsky?? instead of patting with the baby grand which sometimes i find difficult to get the whole nail level and not bumpy
I think it comes down to personal preference IMO .......when I first started out I had a round brush.....then discovered the square.....that's now all I use.....except when doing 3D.......
as for the "name brand" of brushes.....that would also be personal preference.....
I use a "no-name" size 8 brush.....IMO long as its a pure sable brush you are using you should have no problems with brush "hazards"
You could maybe try using a larger brush, if you put enough product on the nail you shouldn't really have to spend too much time patting, once or twice either side should be enough before you lick the product down the nail. I trained with NSI and use Attraction which is a really good product once it's on the nail it doesn't need a lot of patting, just keep practising. hth :hug:.
i use nsi (everything)

what brush do you use?

Do u prefer l&p or gel? i prefer l&p cos i ALWAYS get bubbles with gel and can never get them with no bumps :-( im good at doing the smile line with gel though, i guess its cos ive done l&p alot more than gel and got better and better at doing them all the time.

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