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May 6, 2004
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i had a lady come in to us today to ask if we could do anything on her nails.

Basically she didnt have any nail palte as five years ago she had a set put on and got air bubbles and her doctor RIPPED THEM OFF along with her nails!

She has got some growth back but only about half a centimetere from the cuticle.

I can't belive how a doctor ripped them off and caused such severe damage!

I gave her the creative acadamy number as I didnt want to do anything as I felt she may have a reaction to any system so told her it is better to talk to someone who knows more than I do
If a doctor did that to me i'd have to rip of somethings of his!!!!!
Having been in the legal profession previously, i'd have sued the a**e off the doctor!! What was he thinking of? Is this the whole story do you think?
I'm not sure,(ref whole story) but her nails looked truley horrific, I too would have sued the doctor for causing unnessesary damage
<SPAN style="COLOR: black">How awful that must be to have no fingernails. It is bad enough for people with missing toenails but it must cause even more anxiety no to have fingernails.
I don't know what happened, but I had added Gigi's fab suggestion for missing toe nails. Perhaps it could work for missing nails. Oh! I hope so, even if just for special occasions for the poor dear.

Gigi's suggestion:

"What you CAN do (and this is fun) is to fashion her a nail from liquid and powder ... on her toe .... that she can wear and re-use for when she has a special event. With GelBond, the nail will adhere to the skin for a couple of days or more and no worries about overexposure because GelBond is a pharmaceutical grade of resin made for use on the skin.

She can apply it herself whenever she wants to. In fact you could make several nails with different designs for her so she can ring the changes!!

I have done this with a client who had no big
toe nail and ahe loved it and was a regular purchaser of GelBond!"
Gigi's instructions:
"There are a couple of different ways. Don't know what system you use but will describe mine.

First ,coat the whole
nail bed with a light oil such as SolarOil. Then using Perfect Clear or Perfect Pink, sculpt a whole nail onto the area. When it is dry, you can buff smooth and shiny. In very little time, the 'nail' will come off because of the oil.

Now you have a
nail which can be glued on to the clean toe and will last for several days. The drier the skin on the nail bed, the longer the 'false' nail will stay adhered to the skin. It is best to make several as once the nail comes off, she will need a new one or a drill to clean away the old adhesive beforeit can be reapplied."
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