Non yellowing clear gel polish?


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May 23, 2011
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I'm using an IBD clear gel polish at the moment, it's lovely and glossy but I find its quite yellowing after a short period of time on my clients. Does anyone know of a top gel that is good at preventing yellowing? Thanks :)
Can I ask what clear gel polish you're using? Is it the top coat do you mean? I also use ibd but didn't know they did a clear polish. As for the yellowing, I've not experienced this with any ibd colours or the top coat , do you know what could be causing it? Sun beds, cleaning products? X
It is IBD top coat but can obviously be used as a clear gel polish. I'm wondering if my gel might just be a little old. My clients that it's happened to don't use sunbeds so could be cleaning products. However I did some nail art on a client a few days ago using ibd whipped cream and it yellowed slightly straight away. Annoying, may just buy a fresh bottle and see what happens. X
Are you using base coat under?
Yes I am it's also IBD
Yes I am it's also IBD
I find the same problem with some of my clients nails and the top coat. It also happens with my tester nails they have yellowed over time!

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