Not impressed with a few things I learned today


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Jun 8, 2013
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Spent a day today in class learning LCN Pedique as I am wanting to bring it to my salon as a reconstructive toenail prosthesis.
A part of the class was used to show us their other enhancement products, gel products as this company doesnt have acrylic system. So I sat through it as I had to wait till the other half of the day to see and learn the technique for Pedique. They have a soak-off colour gel line called Recolution. Here is where I had to keep biting my tongue!! Everyone, including the rep and educator referred to it "just like Shellac". A lot of new techs there are under the impression it is the same/similar thing. It is NOT at all the same! In order for Recolution to stay on the nail you have to buff the nail and you have to buff it to take it off, you can soak it off but they recommend buffing so that you dont dehydrate the skin and nails (eyes rolling) Are you serious?!
I made quite a few connections and exchanged cards and once I had the opportunity to check out these girls' websites I have found that each and every single one is advertising Shellac on their menu and yet use Recolution for their Shellac service.
Ps I am launching Pedique at my salon and I am very excited about it :)

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I can see why this would be frustrating, maybe you can report the salons that are advertising Shellac that is not really Shellac, to CND, apart from that I don't think there is anything you can do apart from just continue on your business venture and ensure your clients are getting exactly what they think they are getting:)

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