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Feb 16, 2004
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Dublin, Ireland
I'm very very upset :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: I recently bought a new house and in Dublin they are very expensive €220,000 so I am finding it quite hard to get anything, I work in an office full time and get paid monthly and find that most of my wages goes on the mortgage, food and bills so what ever money I get from the nails goes into the house (making it look nice), I dont have very many clientell so when I get something new I am very happy with myself.

I dont have a front garden just a little bit of land, dividing my house from my neighbours (well I will have neighbours if someone decides to buy the next door house) so I saved up and got a fence and covered the bit of grass with bark and four plants (as is said its small, couldn't fit more thant the four) and when I got home from lunch someone had nicked my fense and two of my plants - I'm devistated it cost about €100 to do up that bit of "garden" and now its gone and I have to start again.
Well that really stinks!! Man there are some sad s**ts about. I hope your house insurance will cover the cost of the fence for you. What is it with people??

I opened a salon on the outskirts of Bradford (many years ago!!) and did it up like 'little Belgravia'. My husband made a beautiful pannelled window box that sat on the pavement outside of my floor-to-ceiling window ... we put in 3 little trees and flowers ... an awning ....charming. It didn't take a month before all were stolen. So then we planted just pansies and things like that. ALL stolen in 2 weeks. This went on for months and then one day a joy rider came down the hill, smashed into the salon front and demolished the planter to splinters. We never put in a new one. The awning got knifed and ripped by passers by at night. My beautiful little Belgravia-looking salon (that made the whole neighborhood look better) became sad and it is still sad-looking. Never did figure out why other people couldn't get pleasure from it as I did.

Someone else always wants what you have, love, and they're too pathetic to think that you have worked and saved up for it. People who do things like this always think that life hands others everything on a plate and that they are the only ones who are hard done to.

Hope thngs get better form here on in.
Thanks for your input Geeg, I apprechate it - I will replace the fence with a small wall (i'm sure that they wont take that) but i dont know what I will do about the flowers
some people will steal anything! how frustrating for you

what about a cheap option of planting your own seeds? wont take long to sprout and definitely a cheaper option than grown plants.
What a sad world we live in, hope u can soon afford to replace fence and plants someone out there must be jelouse of u for tryin to make your house look nice
Linda - so sorry about your fence and flowers, people can be so mean, things like that really annoy me. Sorry you never got the chance to tell me on the phone just now - I was too busy gabbling on about my Canada plans.

I wanted to plant a nice tree just outside our house (used to be one there, there's a little space in the pavement where it used to be), but I can just see some little bugger ripping it up in the night and adding it to their garden (and you wonder why I want to move!!! *L*)

Make your back garden nice and install a rottweiler in case anyone tries to jump over the fence!

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