Not really sure what to do.


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Jan 11, 2010
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im a bit unsure as what to do. i finished my level 2 beauty therapy last month and have been accepted on to the level 3 course in september. i wanted to start working for myself just really so im keeping up with the skills i learnt last year. i would have converted my garage but we have decided to sell the house and rent for a year till we move to spain. so that idea is out of the window. i wanted to rent a room a few days a week and im not sure what the best way to go about doing this is!! so im really after some advice!

mucho appriciated! :lol:

why not ring around a few hairdressers in your area to see if they had a room that they would be interested to rent out?? sometimes it's you that will put the idea into their head, maybe an unused store room that could be cleared out, decorated and used by yourelf, it's worth the wee bit time to call around, also sometimes there are rooms advertised on gumtree, might be worth trying as well, good luck x
Doh, forgot to say as well, you could put an ad on this forum, up the top under recruitment, there might even be someone else advertising a room for rent?? x
Thank you. really appriciate the advice
what ruthlm said ring around some hairdressers you would be suprised

good luck

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