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Feb 10, 2009
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I have done a search on this, but I have been really thrown by what someone else had said, I did post to the thread and noone has answerd so just wanted to ask a few questions. I know there has been alot about eyelash extension's so I'm sorry to be a pain.

Does anyone do Novalash?
how do you find it?
are the lashes good?
How was the training?
Is there any other brand that you would recommended that you thought was just as good as Novalash?
Would you spend the extra and go with Novalash?
How long do you recommend between the infills?
do you think that they last abit longer than other brands?

I know that Novalash are expensive but I have been looking into this and thought that even though they were expensive they looked really good. I would like a set done but no one in my area eg warwickshire do them.

I know there is a lot of companies out there doing eyelash extension's but none have given me the woooooooo factor that I got from Novalash.

Thank you

hi, just seen your post.

i work with Novalash products, i am very happy with the products. Except for the prices. I can understand the platinum bond glue prices being high, but not the lashes and tweezers and other accessories.

Its a great glue, so im sticking with it for now.

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