nowt to do with nails-but cool


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Jul 20, 2004
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Gillingham - kent
if anyone is interested in this sort of thing and lives in the kent area, my mate is a spiritualist (a very good one at that) and she does personal readings and group readings she charges £15 a reading regardless how long it goes on.

she knew stuff bout my mum that she would only know if she stalked her for 30 years or had read her medical notes! and now mum has spoke to her about this 'situation' she is a different person, and has managed to close the door on a very bad part of her life, and now live her life a much happier person.

oh and she see's dead people! LOL

as i said has nothing at all to do with nails! But i feel quite interesting none-the-less! She is so good i wanna shout it from the roof tops!
Wow! I love things like this. Where abouts in Kent is she?
she lives in hempstead, in medway, and she comes out to people's houses. she really is an amazing women, and such a laugh too!

she does karate too, in bromley, and apparently because she is a black belt she has been liberty x's body gaurd before now!! Must be all that good karma!
You wouldn't want to mess with her then!!
oh i am gutted that it is so far away otherwise i would be a regular i love stuff like this , i have been to em before and some are really good , i wish she was up here
i also love this sort of thing. I went ages ago to a lady to see what she would tell me. i was very sceptical and didn't expect much at all.

When she started i dont think i have ever been so gob smacked at how accurate she was about my life. The funny thing was i had had things go missing in my room, when i lived at home, just thought it was me misplacing them. Then she told me i had a young girl that followed me about and would take my brushes and little bits then put them back when i couldn't find them. It freaked me out at first then felt quite comforting.

I do believe in the supernatural and find it fascinating, but will be quiet now before someone gets me
i have that too, a little girl called annie, she plays with my son now, but he calls her abbie. also my mum had a mis-carrage andit was a little girl apparently when things went missing in my room when i was a teenager she was doin it because i was ignoring her, so she was getting me back, even ripped up my east 17 posters when i was the only one in the house.

apparently i have 'the gift' and so does my mum and son. i just don't know how to use it and need to develop it. i sometimes see things, once i was talking to 'no-one' his name was george i could only see his face, i just said oh hi im sarah. i found out it was my great grandad, but he came to me looking like he did when he got married. the strangest thing though was last monday when i was woken up to my mum saying 'sarah i really need to talk to you'. i live in gillingham and she lives in sittingbourne, i spoke to her the next day and apparently she had a really restless night and kept thinking she was at my house trying to talk to me but i was ignoring her.

with all this happening i think im going mad. spec when i see things, keep saying 'note to self, go to opticians!'

i just hope that in time i can control it and be half as good as dianne is. now she is a very gifted lady!
I have had very weird things happen to me, When my dad was dying in hospital i stayed with him for 2 days solid on the 3rd day i nipped home to freshen up.
While at home i was half way through my dinner, when i just stood up left my meal and insisted on going back, I drove back feeling so peaceful, Dad died within minutes of me arriving.
I can also see faces(like photo's) when i close my eyes, I DON'T KNOW THE PEOPLE but they are so clear.
my god lesley that is so weird. both me and my mum have been saying we can see faces when we close our eyes, sometimes really horrible faces. last night i saw someones face with a plastic bag over it, and they were struggling, it really scared me, and i just sarted crying. it was kinda only a flash but so graphic! I really don't know how i saw this or why. sometimes i also suddenly see places, and im like ok wasn't thinking of that how did that pop in my head. then i talk to someone about something and it kinda makes sence why i saw it, i keep seeing my great grandads flat at the moment, quite vividly as if im there.

glad u see them too, mum and i thought we were crazy!
dee said:
oh i am gutted that it is so far away otherwise i would be a regular i love stuff like this , i have been to em before and some are really good , i wish she was up here
really wouldn't be supprised if she would visit, if you got some more people to have readings!

i know she's in wales at the moment.

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