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Jun 15, 2010
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Is this a lot softer than bright white?

I had my first client today, woo hoo! She wanted a gel NNO, but the only white I had was bright white, so we left the tips natural. Actually looked rather nice that way. But I thought I'd look for a softer white for next time. She just wants a hint of white really, and I wondered if there was much different between the two?

btw, my client, is my hairdresser, so wasn't a complete stranger, but she promptly went back to school and showed all the mums in the playground! Whenever anyone mentioned they went to the 'chop shop' up the road, she told them, no, you need an artist, that uses quality products lmao. Who needs marketing with her ;) So chuffed I 'did' my first one. Another tomorrow, weds and thursday!

Took me a while, 1hr 45mins for gel nno, but i'm sure i'll get faster
it is a lot softer yes, I like it. but if i want softer and if i dont have any ill pull a bit of french pink over the white ever so slightly to soften it.

give it a try and see what you think! As for speed, it'll come with time , right now try to put that to one side and just keep working on designing the nail. speed will pick up naturally so dont worry about it.

oh and so glad you are seeing success! well done you , you must be delighted!
thanks Tigi, I'll try that.

Todays client isn't here till 1 and I'm sat waiting lolol

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