Nsi body builder clear or builder clear?


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Jun 27, 2010
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Fort Mcmurray Alberta
For those of you who use or who have used nsi, do you prefer the body builder clear or the builder clear? In our kit we got the builder clear but my teacher wanted us to try her body builder clear to see how we liked it. So I tried it on my first set of nails ever and really liked it. So I put the builder clear away and ordered some body builder and just continued to use that. today I did a set and pulled out my builder gel and decided to give it a try and loved it. I found it easier to work with. Anyone else out there prefer the builder over the body builder clear?
interesting debate.

You Know i like both when I use NSI, they do different jobs. I like the builder clear on what I would call smallish to medium nail plates, with not much ridging, nice and easy nails. (if you know what a mean).

Then body builder I use on a different nail, a large nail plate, or a client that is a bit of a fidget or someone whose nails are a bit of a challenge.

We use NSI and CND Brisa in the salon (my business partner is NSI trained ) so we are lucky, we have the best of both worlds. I love that I have two brands to play with. (BUT am currently completely in love with brisa)

So, I would say both have a place and I never use body builder on twinkle toes, builder clear is great for toes.

i totally agree i have used both and i like using them for different things,but to be honest at the moment with the weather so hot i am only using the body builder due to the hot weathers affects on gels.
I agree i have used both but do like the body builder gels more if im honest the body builder bright one is lovely to work with i much prefer that to the brush on french gel.
Thanks guys!! Come to think of it, the set I did yesterday with the builder clear was a very small nail plate :). It does make sense now! Good to know because I wasn't going to order anymore body builder and just continue to use the builder. Oh, and glad to hear that I am not the only one who LOVES the body builder bright white. The brush on french white is just too runny for me but I am new to doing nails so I am still a bit slow:lol:

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