nsi coloured gel - refills?


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May 10, 2003
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I am currently sporting the NSI basic red coloured gel on my hands to show people that gel isnt just natural but the other day had to infill, I didnt want to file the nail cos thought it would just rub all the colour off so would be like almost starting from scratch.

now the tips of my nails look quite bulbous (not sure if I spelt that right) on a couple of my nails so looks like Im going to have to file now after all, plus the free edge capping just isnt working at the moment.

How does everyone else refill coloured gels?

Are you asking about thin coloured gels or enhancement gels? ... you have to distinguish these days, there are so many different types of gel.
im also abit confused as to what you mean
i use nsi coloured gels and if i infill/rebalance then i would file off the whole of the colour and re apply.
have you got enhancements on or a a natural nail overlay?
is it an all over colour of just the free edge?
sorry for the confusion, i had nsi acrylic over my nails but thats almost grown out now but on top i have the nsi balance colour gel in basic red, so what i was asking is to infill the colour gel did i need to file off or do i do the infills like how i would with clear gel

hope i make sense now.
you would need to file of the colour gel and infill as usual
you would need to file of the colour gel and infill as usual

you say remove colour then infill but for someone else if they wanted a colour would I have to use the balance builder gel first or could i apply the colour straight after the prep

yes you would need to apply a bonder layer of gel first before applying the colour gel

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