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Sep 20, 2013
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Hiya, me again :s

Sooo turns out s2 have no complete or enhance courses planned anywhere near me so I'm going to book with beverley robinson (nsi), do the gel course and see how I go

Just after sine feedback really

Anyone done the foundation gel course with nsi? Opinions?

Anyone done it with bev?

Thanks xxx
I have trained with Bev and she's lovely. I did mani, pedi, and still have to go back to finish my gel foundation exam but you will have a great time with Bev and she's really good x
I love Bev. Have done most of my courses with her.

Her team are amazing aswell, friendly, welcoming and so helpful. The courses only have a few people in each so you get dedicated attention and teaching.

You won't regret it if you book courses.

Laura x
Ahh lovely thanks both.

Did you feel quite confident after the course to get out there and offer services? (Discounted for training I'm guessing)

Did the course cover sculpting as I prefer this to tips (don't know why lol )

Thanks again :D

Yes cause the foundation is split, u do 2 days inc sculpt,tips then u go back for day three then exam on day 4. So it's split up and in between you have to make a portfolio of your work. If your not sure give Bev and her team a call and they will explain everything for you x
All booked..... Eeeek

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